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ーJob informationー

01.Recruitment type

- Recruitment positions -

■ Manufacturing job

Recruitment of machine operators who operate and manage die casting machines to manufacture die casting products made from zinc alloys and aluminum alloys.

Mainly for use.

Depending on the experience, job aptitude, and applicant's wishes, we can also hire jobs in sales departments, production control departments, quality control departments, mold design, machining, etc.

We are considering. (There may be changes after hiring)

■ Application conditions

Graduated from high school or above

*Faculty/Department not required

■ Planned number of hires

a few names

02.Salary conditions


ーSalaries and Benefitsー

■ Basic salary

Determined at time of hire

■ Allowances

Meal allowance, heat work allowance (summer), housing allowance, child allowance, scholarship (junior high school/high school), commuting allowance, etc.

*Commuting allowance has an upper limit

■ Salary increase

Once a year (October)

■ Bonus

Twice a year (paid according to performance)


03.Working hours


ーWorking hoursー

■ Standard working hours 8 hours (8:00-17:00)
Break time 85 minutes

(10:00-10:10, 12:00-13:00, 15:00-15:15)

■ Holidays and vacations

2 days off per week. The annual number of holidays is 128 days. There are three long holidays: Golden Week, summer holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays.

Birthday leave, founding anniversary leave (April 1),

Congratulatory or condolence leave, annual paid leave (10 days from the 6th month of the first year)

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