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Since our founding, we have specialized in manufacturing small precision die-cast parts.

Consistent management from mold making to secondary processing to deliver perfect products to customers

The main aim is to Taking advantage of our many years of experience in the field of precision die casting, we will maintain high quality and high precision, and take on the challenge of further reducing costs.


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AK Group is a general term for AK Die Casting Co., Ltd. and AK Sangyo Co., Ltd. (machine department and craft department).

Since its founding in 1959, AK Die Casting Co., Ltd. has specialized in producing precision die casting parts.

After that, AK Sangyo Co., Ltd., which was established in 1969, mainly manufactures die-cast machines in the machinery department, and produces rubber cast products in the craft department.

Both companies are always striving to create high-precision, high-quality, low-cost products.

We believe that unique products that make the most of our advanced mold and middle layer technology can contribute to the development of each customer.

​In the ever-changing economic and industrial structure, we are determined to look at the global market with a global perspective and to do our best to reach out to the world.

from now on​A.K.

Representative Director Hiroshi Kai


ーCompany Overviewー


Company name AK Diecast Co., Ltd.

Representative Director and President Hiroshi Kai

Capital 20 million yen

Established 1959

Number of employees 44 (as of October 2022)

Company name AK Industry Co., Ltd.

Representative Director and President Hiroshi Kai

Established 1969

Capital 10 million yen

Number of employees 9 (as of July 2022)

sales base.


AK Die Casting Co., Ltd. Headquarters

AK Diecast Co., Ltd. Saitama Factory

​AK Sangyo Co., Ltd. Machinery Department

1-25-2 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013

〒355-0812 6-7 Higashimatsuyama Industrial Park, 25-6 Miyako, Namerikawa-cho, Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture


エーケー産業株式会社 本社・工芸部

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recruitment info.

ーJob informationー


Recruitment type

Manufacturing occupation

take shape

pour it up

We mainly hire machine operators who operate and manage die casting machines to manufacture die cast products made from zinc alloys and aluminum alloys.

Application flow

Please send the required documents by email or post.
・Transcript (for new graduates)
​・Curriculum Vitae (Not required for new graduates)

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▪️株式会社エーケーダイカスト工業所 埼玉工場
TEL 0493-56-4161

▪️エーケー産業株式会社 機械部
TEL 0493-56-4884

▪️エーケー産業株式会社 工芸部
TEL 03-3965-9651

▪️エーケーグループ 総務部
TEL 03-3986-6556

受付時間  8:45~17:00
休業日      土日祝日

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